Definition of subspace in English:



  • 1Mathematics
    A space that is wholly contained in another space, or whose points or elements are all in another space.

    • ‘Gallarati studied properties of varieties whose tangent spaces meet certain linear subspaces along spaces of dimension higher than expected.’
    • ‘He represented subspaces of a space by coordinates leading to point mapping of an algebraic manifold now called the Grassmannian.’
    • ‘Kaluznin also worked in the area of geometrical algebra, particularly on arrangements of subspaces in Euclidean and unitary spaces.’
    • ‘As in decision trees, the internal nodes in a qualitative tree specify conditions that split the attribute space into subspaces.’
    • ‘We may ask that the function be differentiable on one-dimensional subspaces; here one is led to the theory of the Gâteaux differential.’
  • 2mass noun (in science fiction) a hypothetical space–time continuum used for communication at a speed faster than that of light.

    • ‘The warp technology of Star Trek, however, allows a spacecraft and its inhabitants to travel many times faster than light by moving through subspace, a theoretical parallel universe in which Einstein's theories do not apply.’
    • ‘As quickly as the ship slipped into subspace, the light hole flashed away leaving no trace it ever had existed.’
    • ‘I did not know your race had the capability of subspace communication.’
    • ‘He regrets only that they never learned how to use subspace communication through the Tempest's interference, so he could give a final report to Central Command.’
    • ‘Serves me right: apparently (and this was explained to me very carefully before I moved here) there's a ring of fractalized subspace around the entire block.’