Definition of substance abuse in English:

substance abuse


  • Overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs.

    • ‘The scheme is set to highlight the dangers of substance abuse, in particular drugs and alcohol, to the youth of the area.’
    • ‘His urine was negative for drugs, and there was no history of alcohol or substance abuse.’
    • ‘Eleven of these patients also were diagnosed with alcohol or substance abuse.’
    • ‘Programs on alcohol and substance abuse almost always ignore the older adult population.’
    • ‘He did not have a history of exposure to any known toxin, and he denied any alcohol or substance abuse.’
    • ‘Issues of alcohol and substance abuse may have to be addressed by referral to relevant agencies.’
    • ‘Additionally in many instances drug and substance abuse will involve recognition that unlawful activity has taken place.’
    • ‘This report also draws attention to the unmet needs of those with psychosis and substance abuse or dependence.’
    • ‘There is a high risk of substance abuse and dependence with benzodiazepines.’
    • ‘The federal war on drugs is the worst way to deal with substance abuse in this country.’
    • ‘This is the sixth in a series of articles about substance abuse and addiction.’
    • ‘I will go straight to the core of the matter and talk about addiction and substance abuse.’
    • ‘They understand that we cannot stop substance abuse without reducing the demand for drugs.’
    • ‘But the usefulness of the scheme in tackling substance abuse has been called into question by drugs experts.’
    • ‘Many isolated Inuit communities are wracked by substance abuse and grinding poverty.’
    • ‘Now it's been discovered that two of the players have been banned from the games for substance abuse.’
    • ‘Poverty, substance abuse and lack of access to community healthcare all take a toll.’
    • ‘Disorders of addiction, particularly substance abuse, are commoner in males.’
    • ‘Also, bipolar disorder may increase the risk of alcoholism or other forms of substance abuse.’
    • ‘Disabilities with traumatic origin are strongly associated with substance abuse.’