Definition of substantiality in English:



See substantial

‘Even in death his body, whose location has been wrongly recorded on the cemetery's list, has only the substantiality she chooses to give him.’
  • ‘The Tribunal must consider the materiality and substantiality of the employer's reason.’
  • ‘There is a gap between the premiss of transcendental psychology - the transcendental unity of apperception - and its conclusion - the substantiality of the soul.’
  • ‘These are 65 ideas to change your life, but don't count on them any more than you can count on the substantiality of the floors you tread.’
  • ‘Our actual nature, then, provides no inherent consistency, substantiality or continuity of identity.’



/səbˌstan(t)SHēˈalədē/ /səbˌstæn(t)ʃiˈælədi/