Definition of substantively in English:



  • 1In a way that is important, meaningful, or considerable.

    ‘the parties differ substantively on many issues’
    ‘this chapter was never substantively altered’
    • ‘He was forced to substantively change the film on the fly.’
    • ‘There are two substantively different approaches for studying this issue.’
    • ‘Department officials have refused to justify their work or substantively defend their biased estimate.’
    • ‘Substantively, this book breaks little new ground (nor, in fairness, does it seem intended to).’
    • ‘The author elaborates upon this thesis in five chapters, and the first two add substantively to the debate.’
  • 2With regard to legal rights and duties.

    ‘the ruling was flawed procedurally and substantively’
    • ‘Thus banks generally insist on substantively registering their mortgages.’
    • ‘He has also submitted that the dismissal was substantively unfair.’
    • ‘In the case of registered land, if the first mortgagee has substantively registered his charge then the second mortgagee can similarly register his.’
    • ‘He has been permitted to have his application for asylum determined substantively in this country.’
    • ‘The Court is then faced with a choice between postponing the whole sentencing process until forfeiture can be dealt with, or sentencing substantively, so that the defendant knows where he stands, and dealing with financial matters later.’