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  • 1A set of equipment reducing the high voltage of electrical power transmission to that suitable for supply to consumers.

    ‘York Railway Station was evacuated and trains prevented from stopping after the electricity substation which supplies its power was flooded at around 7pm.’
    • ‘Southern Pines supplies electricity to the substation that powers the Colonial pipeline.’
    • ‘The project will involve the installation of two key high-voltage substations in the Nampower transmission system for the new Skorpion zinc mine.’
    • ‘Armed and camouflaged individuals can get close to chemical, agricultural, business facilities, gas pipelines, electrical powerlines, substations, transformers and airports.’
    • ‘Later in the day, a cable failed on The Strand at the point of old digger damage, causing a switchgear failure at the substation and power cuts lasting over an hour.’
    • ‘With the chimney stack sited perilously close to an old K Shoes warehouse which needs to be preserved and an electricity substation providing power to homes in the area, softly-softly is the watchword.’
    • ‘Expect some major upgrades to roads, the water supply, electrical substations, parks and housing before the year's end.’
    • ‘Next door to the proposed site is a massive electrical substation with overhead power cables carrying 33,000 volts.’
    • ‘That, however, will require significant upgrades of utility substations and power lines.’
    • ‘Management claim a fire at an electrical substation near its Limerick headquarters disrupted the company's manufacturing process for a period of three months.’
    • ‘They were electrocuted in a power substation where they hid, thinking police were chasing them.’
    • ‘This stepped pool of flowing water and the extended roof also help to mask both the noise and the view of passing traffic and the transformers in the electrical substation opposite.’
    • ‘Until the construction of the new substation, the towns of Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis were supplied with power from a substation in Omaruru.’
    • ‘In a section of the affected areas, power supply was restored by taking some power from the Kishangarh substation near Mani Majra.’
    • ‘Many utility issues were solved with a visit to the power substation, water pumping plant, or sewage treatment facility.’
    • ‘I mean, there's hundreds of thousands of miles of transmission grid, there's countless substations where the electricity gets rerouted.’
    • ‘The electricity grid is another example of this, with hundreds of thousands of wires, cables and substations taking power over and underground across the country, literally ‘connecting’ all of us in some way.’
    • ‘The substations, which distribute power to the local community, have been forced open by vandals who have damaged the equipment inside causing power cuts.’
    • ‘Energy bosses have publicly apologised for the disruption to power supplies caused following an explosion at the main electricity substation in Witham.’
    • ‘He said the power that will be supplied to the substation would come from the Nampower station in Keetmanshoop, which is a distance of about 300 km.’
  • 2A subordinate station for the police or fire department.

    ‘In a separate development, Harry told reporters on Wednesday that police had circulated sketches of four bomb suspects to Greater Jakarta police stations and substations.’
    • ‘The housing project has a police substation and is heavily patrolled, and the adjoining university has its own police force.’
    • ‘The brawl led to an attack by about 300 members of the infantry battalion on Madiun Police station and three other substations in the town.’
    • ‘The Zuhour police station, and a substation in northeastern Mosul were destroyed, along with the Qahira police station in the northern part of the city.’
    • ‘For a variety of reasons, the citizens and residents of these newly developed areas do not seemingly demand that the local government provide police substations in close proximity to new housing developments.’
    police station, station
    1. 2.1North American A small post office, for example one situated within a larger store.
      ‘The U.S. Post Office substation, located underneath the OSU Bookstore and operated for more than 25 years, is closing Aug. 12, 2005.’
      • ‘From now on, Marchetti will use the post office in neighboring Yalesville. The office is small and the workers are pleasant, like the ones at the South Broad Street substation, she said.’



/ˈsəbˌstāSH(ə)n/ /ˈsəbˌsteɪʃ(ə)n/