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Pronunciation /ˌsəbstiˈt(y)o͞oSH(ə)n/ /ˌsəbstɪˈt(j)uʃ(ə)n/

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  • The action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing.

    ‘a tactical substitution’
    • ‘the substitution of pediatricians for grandmothers in guiding baby care’
    • ‘In an act of substitution he replaces barren dryness with his fertile fluidity.’
    • ‘There is no other member of the club who can currently replace him, and that showed after his substitution.’
    • ‘At the same time, he raises the issue of substitution and exchange in a social and economic sphere.’
    • ‘Think of what the country could have been spared had that substitution not taken place.’
    • ‘The substitution of an allegedly objective, measurable indicator can be appealing.’
    • ‘There are concerns about bench-marking and substitution and a whole lot of issues.’
    • ‘The adoption of class and therapeutic substitution are customer responses to poor perceived value.’
    • ‘However, that substitution was no reflection on the efforts of Preston who had been having a steady game.’
    • ‘He made the type of telling substitution that he has employed to effect.’
    • ‘A jar of dried basil or even a basil plant would be a more appropriate substitution than coriander.’
    • ‘Crop substitution and improved market access are essential in the next few years.’
    • ‘It is too late for crop substitution with this one because they are about to harvest it.’
    • ‘He argues that this disjuncture comes from time's infinite capacity for substitution.’
    • ‘The substitution of one person for another ranges from the literal to the abstract.’
    • ‘The principle is to consider the field of rivalry in terms of the potential for substitution in the long term.’
    • ‘The Attorney General opposed the motion for substitution on procedural grounds.’
    • ‘We are fast abandoning our cultural and religious values in substitution for western ideals.’
    • ‘If substitution is called for, then we should face up to that, and not pretend that we are delivering the original thing.’
    • ‘He rejects penal substitution because he thinks that God is love, and a loving God would never seek retribution.’
    • ‘Those who do not speak an Indian language may not be blamed for this arbitrary vowel substitution.’
    exchange, change, interchange
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