Definition of substitutional in English:



See substitution

  • ‘For simplicity the interstitial elements carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, boron, and hydrogen will be referred to as contaminants, and the substitutional elements, intentionally added, will be referred to as alloying elements.’
  • ‘This is in contrast to recently published reports in which good performance of reconstruction methods was recorded despite extensive substitutional saturation.’
  • ‘Under the substitutional theory of artifact production, the forgeries of documents so common in the Middle Ages can be understood as the legitimate reproduction of accidentally misplaced facts.’
  • ‘But the interference between the substitutional principle of origins and the authorial or performative principle of artifact production was dynamic.’
  • ‘Art in his view did not really enter into its full historical role, its civilizing potential, until the figural and substitutional folding of time had finally been straightened out.’