Definition of substitutionary in English:



See substitution

  • ‘This is not a point that popular evangelical preaching makes well, which tends all too often to see a merely human Jesus being afflicted (in a substitutionary, transactional kind of way) with the total anger of God above.’
  • ‘If He was there in my stead, as my representative, doing business for me, then, the agony that He endured in the substitutionary process is the agony that I must endure in hell, if I refuse to allow Him to substitute for me.’
  • ‘It affirms the plenary inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, original sin, substitutionary atonement and justification by faith.’
  • ‘He had a bit of trouble with the largely Evangelical audience who didn't like his critique of the penal substitutionary theory of the Atonement.’
  • ‘Surely, at the heart of salvation is the cross of Christ; but, regrettably, how easy it is for evangelicals to reduce the meaning and significance of Christ's death by minimizing substitutionary atonement.’