Definition of substrate in English:



  • 1An underlying substance or layer.

    ‘Where volcanic material has been extruded on to a soft substrate, the rate of erosion of the substrate can exceed that of the lava flow.’
    • ‘Also, special designs of roadbed through wetlands in permafrost terrain are required to protect the thermal regime in the underlying substrates.’
    • ‘Cameron found Vermiforichnus clarkei in many substrates from Ordovician to Holocene ages.’
    • ‘The rhyolites and other large-scale blocks of gabbro and schist are interpreted as large landslides from the Caledonian nappes forming the depositional substrate and faulted margins of these basins.’
    • ‘In these circumstances, erosion of the substrate leads to stripping of laminae and the generation of discontinuities within the tidal mouthbar unit.’
    1. 1.1The surface or material on or from which an organism lives, grows, or obtains its nourishment.
      ‘brachiopods attached to the substrate by a stalk’
      • ‘The premature growth arrest of breast and skin epithelial cells grown on plastic substrates may be due to an inadequate culture environment.’
      • ‘In the first type, plants grow on a soil substrate that has a relatively high chance of being covered with leaf litter.’
      • ‘A lichen may absorb certain mineral nutrients from any of these substrates on which it grows, but is generally self-reliant in feeding itself through photosynthesis in the algal cells.’
      • ‘We describe a simple procedure to allow the broad nature of the organic substrates used for planktonic bacterial growth to be determined.’
      • ‘Many modern basal angiosperms grow on erosional substrates that are unlikely to be preserved in the sedimentological record.’
    2. 1.2The substance on which an enzyme acts.
      ‘Another approach would be to increase the cellular level of enzyme substrates such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C).’
      • ‘Enzymes that act on substrates such as polypeptides, nucleic acids, oligosaccharides, or lipid membranes often interact with more than one substrate molecule.’
      • ‘Type O is a nonfunctional allele, because it does not recognize the enzyme substrate.’
      • ‘Paired with a matching substrate, an enzyme speeds up a vital chemical reaction.’
      • ‘Additionally, it has also been suggested that polygalacturonase action on the pectin network may enhance the action of other cell wall-degrading enzymes by increasing the accessibility of such enzymes to their substrates.’
    3. 1.3A material which provides the surface on which something is deposited or inscribed, for example the silicon wafer used to manufacture integrated circuits.
      ‘optical disk substrates’
      • ‘Only on very smooth substrates like polished silicon wafers, can the thickness of deposited wax layers be measured exactly.’
      • ‘A trench is etched in a surface of the integrated circuit substrate such that a tip is formed.’
      • ‘A liquid-crystal panel comprises a pair of transparent glass substrates each being provided with an electrode.’
      • ‘A flat organic insulating layer is formed on a substrate provided with thin film transistors by coating and baking.’
      • ‘Fewer loosely bonded fluorine atoms in the seasoning film results in fewer contaminants being incorporated into films deposited over substrates in subsequent processing steps.’



/ˈsəbˌstrāt/ /ˈsəbˌstreɪt/


Mid 18th century anglicized form of substratum.