Definition of subterminal in English:



  • Near the end of a chain or other structure.

    • ‘In nonterminal regions, the distribution was roughly bimodal with a low number of chiasmata in an interstitial position and an even lower one in the centromeric and subterminal segments.’
    • ‘Intermediate bearers display female flowers mainly on terminal and subterminal buds on the annual shoots when they are inserted on 2-year-old branches.’
    • ‘Adhering egg clusters along the spines are covered by thin, gelatinous sheath; tips of spines are separated from each other, with slight but distinct subterminal narrowing.’
    • ‘Some data are available with regard to comparisons of deflection per unit force for terminal, subterminal and sub-subterminal joints for cactus species.’
    • ‘The caudal fin has dark bands at basal and subterminal positions.’