Definition of subterranean clover in English:

subterranean clover


  • A European clover, naturalized as a weed of pastures in Australia, whose fruiting heads bury themselves in the ground.

    Trifolium subterraneum, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Experiments with subterranean clovers, or clover ley farming, helped to improve both soil structure and pasture.’
    • ‘Local pastoralists reported significant failures of well-irrigated pastures containing subterranean clover, perennial rye grass and Phalaris tuberosa.’
    • ‘He grows self-seeding winter cover crops such as little barley (considered a weed by some) and subterranean clover, which die down in early summer and come back from seed in the fall.’
    • ‘‘This year, we identified lines of subterranean clover with superior vigor of growth here in Maryland,’ he says.’
    • ‘He had built a rabbit proof fence around his property and developed subterranean clover, a superior form of feed for his flocks.’