Definition of subtleness in English:



See subtle

  • ‘But Jake's sensitivity and subtleness in this role are just huge.’
  • ‘One of those paths led to a life of complacency, of subtleness and of eternal peace while the other path led to a small possibility of a mysterious future unknown to him but gave a sense of greatness that thrilled the man to the bone.’
  • ‘I would have liked it even better had it been more of peach and cardamom taste, but it was still nice and sweet, and you might see its subtleness as ‘discreet’.’
  • ‘At first, the subtleness of the message did not reach her, but as the thoughts formed in her head, her body fell numb.’
  • ‘Granted, Kris wasn't known for his tact or his subtleness, but he had a point.’