Definition of subtracter in English:



See subtract

‘A machine with storage, with this automatic-telephone-exchange arrangement and with the necessary adders, subtractors and so on, is, in a sense, already a universal machine.’
  • ‘The apparatus includes an adaptive filter including an ingress synthesizer for recreating the undesired ingress signal and an ingress subtractor for subtracting the recreated ingress signal from the input signal.’
  • ‘The output of the microphone is combined in a subtractor with the acoustic echo replica, producing the residual echo.’
  • ‘And a multiplexer selects one of the outputted results from the two input adder and the three input adder and subtracter based on the selection signal from the selection judging circuit.’
  • ‘The only way to do that with a laser and then a subtractor procedure is removing it in the periphery.’