Definition of subtweet in English:



  • (on the social media application Twitter) a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism.

    • ‘while he didn't include Smith's Twitter handle, that didn't stop Smith from seeing the post, taking umbrage, and firing off a subtweet of his own’
    • ‘The problem's not with her mentioning religion. The problem's with her doing it in a passive-aggressive subtweet.’
    • ‘The subtweets were kind of a funny interaction between two NBA bigwigs who come from opposite sides of the social media spectrum.’
    • ‘Hashtags are a discovery tool, while subtweets are a category of tweets that often purposely evade easy discovery.’
    • ‘Twitter is too literal; even their subtweets can be immediately obvious.’
    • ‘If you want to be really sneaky, fire out some subtweets.’
    • ‘His speech was like one extended subtweet; he repeatedly called out unnamed colleagues as cowards.’
    • ‘Instead of being confrontational, subtweets are sneakier - they're not the locker room brawls of Twitter, they're the cruel locker-side whispers.’
    • ‘The perfect subtweet is one that has every reader silently fretting that it's about them, yet remains ambiguous enough that nobody dares ask if they were the target.’



/ˈsəbˌtwēt/ /ˈsəbˌtwit/


Early 21st century blend of subliminal and tweet.