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  • The suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively.

    ‘the sprawl of suburbia into the surrounding countryside’
    • ‘bustling, irreligious, unreflective suburbia’
    • ‘Unhappiness fuels great disdain for all of suburbia and its inhabitants.’
    • ‘This is the heaviest and bleakest view of Australianised suburbia ever represented on local screens.’
    • ‘Developers are proposing mini housing estates in leafy suburbia as current policies deter them from greenfield sites.’
    • ‘Like her affluent neighbours in suburbia, Warner found herself obsessing about the smallest things.’
    • ‘Currently I'm living in suburbia, real suburbia with families and everything.’
    • ‘They are accused of doing little or nothing so as long as the problem stays in the inner city and white suburbia is safe.’
    • ‘Orange County is beachfront suburbia, where the sun burns ambition to a crisp.’
    • ‘It's a daily visual reminder, one of several visible from the house and garden, that this is not suburbia, it's the countryside.’
    • ‘From the line, new housing estates have sprung up, housing families keen to own a piece of the new suburbia.’
    • ‘East London got heavy industry, while West London got upmarket suburbia.’
    • ‘My garden would be perfect were it not in deepest darkest suburbia and a good 15 mins walk from the nearest station.’
    • ‘A superhero in suburbia is a neat idea, but the suburb has to be at least slightly believable for the show to work.’
    • ‘It's been a very long trek across inner suburbia to reach this remote rail hub surrounded on three sides by an expanse of tracks and overhead cables.’
    • ‘Her little bedroom shrine is in deepest Scottish suburbia.’
    • ‘And yes, Bourneville is shockingly quiet and reserved but one thing I do like about suburbia is the relative quiet.’
    • ‘Irish asphalt-layers, the scourge of suburbia, have reached Norway.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell, the concept of the hormone-crazed teenager is coeval with suburbia.’
    • ‘In fact, all the characters in this film are equally compelling, giving a quirky impression of life in suburbia coming apart at the seams.’
    • ‘We live with our dogs in cities or suburbia, with kids and spouses and jobs.’
    • ‘Swedish suburbia is odd - everything looks like pre-fab wartime houses.’
    outlying district, residential area, dormitory area, dormitory town, commuter belt, conurbation



/səˈbərbēə/ /səˈbərbiə/