Definition of succory in English:



another term for chicory (sense 1)
  • ‘The wild plant was also called succory (or ‘blue succory’ because it has blue flowers) in England in the past.’
  • ‘In the last week, the Earth had been generous in sending forth dock and succory and starwort and lamb's quarters.’
  • ‘One part succory with artemisia and periwinkle flowers placed as aforesaid is strong against incantations and against assassins and gives security from them, and if with this is placed the tooth of a wolf it protects also from robbers and thieves.’
  • ‘This is the succory (Cichorium Intybus of the botanists), described by Emerson as ‘succory to match the sky.’’
  • ‘The chicory plant can be found growing in areas where nothing else will and it shoots roots that run deep in the earth - probably how it acquired the name succory, stemming from the Latin word ‘to run under’.’


Mid 16th century alteration of obsolete French cicorée.