Definition of succotash in English:



mass noun
  • An American dish of maize and lima beans boiled together.

    • ‘The sweet quality of this meat is best for salads, succotash, chowders or steamed preparations to accompany summer fare.’
    • ‘Stemming from the Native American dish m'i sicquotach, plain old down-home succotash keeps the siblings as close as they can be.’
    • ‘But in order to try it you may have to stop wolfing the smothered pork chops and grits the person on your left is drooling over, or the curried goat with superb succotash that has made the friend on your right fall suddenly silent.’
    • ‘Spoonbread, crab cakes, corn pone (corn bread), corn pudding, greens, and succotash - cooked over an open pit or fireplace - became common items in a black cook's repertoire in the late 1700s and the 1800s.’
    • ‘Some of those protesting will be Americans, people who put flags out on the Fourth of July, eat turkey and succotash at Thanksgiving, and try to teach our kids to take pride in their country.’


Mid 18th century from Narragansett msiquatash (plural).