Definition of suck-up in English:



informal North American
  • A person who behaves obsequiously, especially to earn approval or favoritism.

    • ‘So after vetting the list to weed out any cantankerous curmudgeons, the candidate pool will consist of mainstream hacks, true believers and morally rancid suck-ups to political authority.’
    • ‘Well now, I didn't want to look like too much of a suck-up, so I only agreed ‘strongly’ rather than ‘totally’.’
    • ‘I'm not saying I hate all preps, but these were the super-annoying suck-ups.’
    • ‘At worst, this kid's just a suck-up, a dork, a talented geek.’
    • ‘He was the good child, and he had always gotten perfect grades, and acted like a little suck-up.’
    toady, creep, crawler, fawner, flatterer, flunkey, truckler, groveller, doormat, lickspittle, kowtower, obsequious person, minion, hanger-on, leech, puppet, spaniel, Uriah Heep