Definition of suck someone in in English:

suck someone in

phrasal verb

  • Cheat or deceive someone.

    ‘we were sucked in by his charm and good looks’
    • ‘But what's the secret to sucking you in to see a movie?’
    • ‘It's hard to know whether the reporters actually think the Republican candidate is an interesting and new kind of candidate or whether in fact he's, you know, somehow sucked us in just by virtue of the unfettered access.’
    • ‘‘When I was a high school student, they sucked me in,’ said Quinn, who had an anti-war stance at that time.’
    • ‘And take no notice when Capitalist hooligans continue reaping the profits of your labour for their own affluent ends; sucking you in like’
    • ‘Did I stumble onto some airline cult, sucking me in with low, low fares and a direct flight to Boston?’