Definition of sucker list in English:

sucker list

(also suckers list)


  • A list or database containing personal details of people regarded as susceptible to fraud, compiled by individuals engaged in fraudulent activity and often sold on to others.

    ‘now you'll be on the sucker list for even more calls’
    • ‘Even worse, people who have been hoodwinked find their names have been added to a 'sucker list'.’
    • ‘They prey on the elderly and vulnerable, exchange "sucker lists" of past victims, and leave thousands of people feeling ripped off and humiliated every year.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire Trading Standards department warned today that someone who falls for one dodgy scheme is placed on what is nicknamed the "suckers list".’
    • ‘Organised criminal gangs are trading "sucker lists" with the personal details of several hundred thousand Britons considered susceptible to fraud.’
    • ‘Once an individual responds to a single piece of scam mail, their names can end up a "suckers list" of vulnerable people that is then sold on to other criminals.’
    • ‘I'm on a "sucker list": I receive two to three calls a week from these scam companies.’
    • ‘The chief investigative correspondent tells how those con artists usually find you in the first place and the way millions of seniors turn out on so-called "sucker lists".’
    • ‘What they don't realize is, the moment they're putting their signature with that form and sending it back, they now create a sucker list.’
    • ‘The 85-year-old was on dozens of sucker lists, having entered phony sweepstakes for decades.’
    • ‘My husband is on every sucker list in the country, and when I research them and look at them for a charity report, 90% are dreadful.’
    • ‘If your parents' mail is filled with sweepstakes notifications, free gift offers, and more magazines than they could possibly read, chances are good they're on a sucker list.’
    • ‘Fraudsters used a sucker list to sell fake diamonds to victims with marks-ups of 2,800 per cent to fund.’