Definition of suction in English:



mass noun
  • The production of a partial vacuum by the removal of air in order to force fluid into a vacant space or procure adhesion.

    ‘constant suction was applied to both tubes’
    as modifier ‘a rubber suction pad’
    ‘a suction pipe’
    • ‘As Thomas points out, these studies achieved negative pressure by using wall suction devices or surgical vacuum bottles.’
    • ‘Some machines combine both hydroexcavation and sewer cleaning by water jetting and vacuum suction.’
    • ‘It has mechanical arms that can grab and dig as well as water jets and suction pipes to gently clear away mud and sand.’
    • ‘Refrigerant flows through the mixing chamber in a swirling or other turbulent pattern and into the suction chamber through circumferentially spaced openings.’
    • ‘Limpets can alternate between suction adhesion and gluing in a predictable pattern that corresponds with their activity and the tides.’
    • ‘The anesthetic drops also serve to moisten the corneal surface area, which promotes suction ring adhesion.’
    • ‘The team's previous research ruled out two other possible forms of adhesion: suction and chemical bonding.’
    • ‘The applied suction pressure caused xylem sap flow into the capillary where it could be collected with a syringe.’
    • ‘By inserting a vacuum cleaner hose in one small hole and using a smoke gun in a second small hole, a contractor can see if the smoke is pulled down into the second hole by the force of the vacuum cleaner's suction.’
    • ‘The capillary was connected to a vacuum pump and the suction pressure could be regulated with a manometer.’
    • ‘The important matter is not to procrastinate but to reach a diagnosis rapidly and operate immediately after the patient has been stabilized with nasogastric suction and I.V. fluids.’
    • ‘The scrub person prepares all cords for monitors, surgical devices, and fluid and suction tubes ahead of time and gathers them in a sterile towel.’
    • ‘These were small, transparent plastic cones suspended from rings of 3 cm diam, as can be bought from aquatic shops, secured onto the edge of the tank using suction pads.’
    • ‘The exhaust pipes of soil suction systems must vent 10 feet or more above the ground, and away from windows, doors, or other openings that could allow the radon to re-enter the house.’
    • ‘This conducts a high volume of air through many small cyclones simultaneously, giving it enhanced constant suction power to pick up even more dirt and debris.’
    • ‘Possibly, some bacteria are introduced into the distal in-line suction connection during attachment and removal of the common suction tubing.’
    • ‘If all devitalised tissue has been confidently excised we favour immediate coverage with meshed, split skin grafts secured with a foam vacuum suction dressing.’
    • ‘Solvents were eluted by vacuum suction into collection plates.’
    • ‘After 24 hours, all excess fluid was removed by suction from each protein-loaded cylinder.’
    • ‘Test solutions were removed from the perfusion chamber by suction via a vacuum pump.’


with object and adverbial of direction
  • Remove (something) using suction.

    ‘physicians used a tube to suction out the gallstones’
    • ‘Copious edema fluid was suctioned from the oropharyngeal tube.’
    • ‘The airway was suctioned and an endotracheal tube was placed.’
    • ‘After the procedure is completed, the surgeon rinses and suctions the mouth thoroughly to remove all blood and debris and closes the intraoral wound before removing the throat pack.’
    • ‘A recent survey of nurses and respiratory therapists indicated that just over half of respondents suctioned patients' mouths after each episode of endotracheal suctioning.’
    • ‘He or she weighs sponges and closely monitors suctioned fluids to determine the patient's blood loss, which is reported to the surgeon and anesthesia care provider.’
    • ‘The nurse suctions the patient's mouth frequently, at which time he or she inspects the mouth for active bleeding, clots, or hematomas.’
    • ‘Release the bulb, holding it in place while it suctions the mucus from your baby's nose.’
    • ‘Blood is suctioned from the surgical field directly from the heart-lung machine or from sterile drainage containers, washed and processed by a machine, and reinfused into the patient.’
    • ‘Research team members suggested microemboli may be caused by blood being suctioned from the opened chest and returned to the body through the bypass apparatus.’
    • ‘She told the inquest she suctioned Lee's tube half an hour before she went off duty at 6.30 am on April 14, 2001 but there was no record of this in Lee's notes.’
    • ‘Technically, liposuction is currently performed by using small or micro cannulas, which is used to mechanically break up the fat as it is suctioned.’
    • ‘A small amount of air is suctioned into the syringe to break the seal.’
    • ‘In intraoperative cell salvage all shed blood is suctioned to a storage system, and heparin is added to prevent thrombus formation.’
    • ‘When a patient is suctioned a catheter is placed in the back of the throat or into the lungs.’
    • ‘During the day Melissa must be suctioned with a suction machine because she tends to accumulate mucus.’
    • ‘Secretions have to be suctioned frequently from the tube.’
    • ‘The salt water helps your doctor remove the fat, and is suctioned out along with the fat.’
    • ‘During the baseline phase, not a single patient who was observed had the oral cavity assessed, teeth brushed, lips and mouth moisturized, oropharyngeal area suctioned, or suction tubing changed.’
    • ‘If you're feeling up to it, you may be able to hold your baby in the delivery room, once the baby's nose and mouth have been suctioned and he or she has been checked.’
    • ‘The disposable canister serves as a collection depot for edema fluid that is suctioned from the wound tissue.’


Early 17th century from late Latin suctio(n-). from Latin sugere ‘suck’.