Definition of sudan grass in English:

sudan grass


mass noun
  • A Sudanese sorghum cultivated for fodder in dry regions of the US.

    Sorghum sudanense, family Gramineae

    • ‘Sorghum, millet, sudan grass, and several weed species can be infected by artificial inoculation.’
    • ‘My uncle Doug quickly mowed down a field of sudan grass for extra parking, and my sister, Molly, helped the fire department maneuver the vehicles in and out.’
    • ‘I am looking for untreated or organic sudan grass seed for use as a cover crop this spring/summer.’
    • ‘Has anyone ever planted sudan grass as a cover crop as a means of adding nitrogen to the soil while having something green in the process?’
    • ‘With use restrictions on the use of certain pesticides on the Refuge, infestations of whiteflies, and the booming prices of sudan grass, many cooperative farmers have switched from planting alfalfa to sudan grass over the years.’