Definition of Sudanese in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Sudan or its people.

    ‘the family is at the heart of Sudanese life’
    • ‘The etchings by the Sudanese artist are from a series inspired by Bob Dylan's music.’
    • ‘She found strength in the support of the Sudanese community in Nairobi.’
    • ‘Others of considerable importance include cowpea, okra, and melokhia, the last two of which are typical ingredients in Sudanese cookery.’
    • ‘He complements his trilingual abilities—he speaks English, Arabic and a Sudanese dialect— with a qualifying SAT score and a 3.0-plus GPA.’
    • ‘I find the Sudanese drivers pleasant and polite.’
    • ‘He now runs a successful restaurant in Edinburgh with a British-born Sudanese partner.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Sudan, or a person of Sudanese descent.

    ‘many Sudanese continue to work in agriculture’
    • ‘The experienced Sudanese had no answer to a brace of first-half goals.’
    • ‘Despite massive migration to urban areas since independence, many Sudanese continue to work in agriculture.’
    • ‘The Sudanese deserve a lot of credit for this.’
    • ‘He was among nearly three hundred Sudanese who congregated for a concert by the singer.’
    • ‘The Sudanese will recite beautifully crafted songs.’