Definition of sudsy in English:



See suds

‘Residents who live along the banks of Deep Cove's Parkside Creek woke up to a sudsy shock last Friday morning - billowing soap bubbles that foamed over a foot high in the creek.’
  • ‘When freed of the sudsy water, rinsed, and toweled off, she launched into a joyful frenzy of rolling in the grass, her newly bleached fur glistening in the sunlight.’
  • ‘As the water tumbles over the huge boulders forming a great cloak of foam, the dorsal fins of the salmon along their blue/black backs pierce the sudsy water like an emerging submarine.’
  • ‘Its sudsy consistency makes the spray stick to the leaves longer, and also helps to break up colonies of sooty mould on citrus and gardenia leaves.’
  • ‘Scrub with the hot, sudsy solution and a stiff brush.’



/ˈsədzē/ /ˈsədzi/