Definition of suedehead in English:



  • A young person of a subculture characterized by an appearance similar to that of skinheads but generally with slightly longer hair and smarter clothes.

    • ‘I knew Mallinder from being young skinheads / suedeheads in Sheffield city centre; it was the clothes and music that attracted us.’
    • ‘They were randomly passing out rhythm instruments to a crowd made up of suedeheads.’
    • ‘Steve Strange was the disaffected youth's new leader, and New Romantic the cult to which Joe firmly adhered - and God help any skin, suedehead, smoothie or bonehead who got in his way!’
    • ‘Suedeheads started wearing suits (especially in check patterns such as Prince of Wales and dogtooth), as well as other dressy outfits, as everyday wear instead of just at dance halls at night.’
    • ‘The Suedehead of the early Seventies wasn't so much a separate entity as a continuation of the smart Skinhead who (in many cases anyway) had always worn his hair slightly longer than the ubiquitous number one of ’69.’