Definition of sufferable in English:



See suffer

  • ‘Lisa Marie Presley's ‘Now What’ is a trite but surprisingly sufferable FM rock, pop and balladry from the beneficiary of the sneer.’
  • ‘Evita, incidentally, was supposed to be three hours long, but the vivacity of musical director Penny Dodd saw it kept to a much more sufferable, even enjoyable, two hours and 20 minutes.’
  • ‘Lence has convincingly argued that ‘the injuries, the usurpations, all these were sufferable until the pernicious acts of George III threatened the very foundations of self-government.’’
  • ‘Le Tigre was a subtle affair: Its sense of humor, its hummable hooks, and its light genre-hopping never compromised the band's heavy politics - it just made them more sufferable.’
  • ‘This year however has been pure torture, the hidings from Cats and Dogs being sufferable because in each case Freo was buried half way through the second quarter.’