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  • The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

    ‘weapons that cause unnecessary suffering’
    • ‘his disregard for the sufferings of his fellow countrymen’
    • ‘Within our own society, personal suffering may seem dwarfed by global anxieties.’
    • ‘The Cover Story highlights the untold sufferings of Indian soldiers in the First War of Independence.’
    • ‘We don't have to look far to see that there is a lot of suffering going on in the world.’
    • ‘The humor doesn't soften the real suffering that the children experience.’
    • ‘This agreement was intended to prevent unnecessary suffering caused to troops by the use of exploding bullets.’
    • ‘Man is a free agent, and has the liberty of choosing; his sufferings and changes cannot be foreseen.’
    • ‘Certainly no one would disagree that violent criminals should be prohibited from inflicting any sort of suffering.’
    • ‘The authors do not even address the fact that it might be desirable to prevent (often severe) physical suffering.’
    • ‘It makes it very hard to explain to people how there can be a loving God in the face of all the suffering.’
    • ‘Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings; listen to their concerns without being judgmental; acknowledge the pain and suffering.’
    • ‘We naturally want the suffering of others to cease, whether it is one person or 150,000 people.’
    • ‘At this point in the therapy, I introduced medication for John, explaining that it would help relieve his suffering.’
    • ‘He was born into a royal family, and his privileged life insulated him from the sufferings of life; sufferings such as sickness, age, and death.’
    • ‘Hughes's central concern was to display the suffering of the convicts and the viciousness of their gaolers.’
    • ‘Contributing to climate changes that cause suffering in other countries is not what we should be doing to our fellow humans.’
    • ‘We can examine our own experience this way and discover how, through creating and believing in a self that is permanent, we cause suffering.’
    • ‘Sometimes, when we're lucky, art whispers to us that in the midst of the worst suffering and darkness, we can break free of our shackles.’
    • ‘There are so many types of suffering and injustice in the world that any single person can only be active in protesting about and opposing a fraction of them.’
    • ‘How many parents cannot muster the determination to discipline their children because they cannot bear inflicting the suffering it will require?’
    • ‘I am a hedonist - and working out in a gym offers more suffering than pleasure for me, so it only makes sense to avoid it.’



/ˈsəf(ə)riNG/ /ˈsəf(ə)rɪŋ/