Definition of suffragi in English:



  • (in Arabic-speaking countries) a waiter or butler.

    • ‘In the Preface, Said narrates his 1998 trip to Cairo and his encounter with his family's former suffragi, who had served them for almost 30 years.’
    • ‘A suffragi brought in two little cups of Turkish coffee.’
    • ‘Well-trained suffragis wakened them at 6.30 a.m. with a cup of tea, cleaned their tents, filled their hot-water bottles, turned back their beds, and tucked in their mosquito nets in the evening; cleaned their shoes, collected their laundry, and did all the things that help to make life in the Army easy.’
    • ‘We had an excellent cook and suffragi and a gardener to look after the garden and tennis court.’
    • ‘Wearing long embroidered gowns, sashes, and turbans that were the livery of slaves at the Turkish court, the Nubian suffragis had drifted to Cairo from Upper Egypt after the first Aswan dam flooded their lands.’


Via Egyptian from Turkish sofracı, based on Arabic ṣufra ‘food’.