Definition of suffragism in English:




See suffragist

  • ‘Through journals like these, the vorticists cultivated a small public instead of the mass public that commercial advertising, futurism, suffragism, and the Fabians sought to marshal.’
  • ‘Heavy immigration, urbanization, an expanding female labor force, and rising numbers of college-educated women altered both the composition and the tactics of suffragism.’
  • ‘The vorticists, who shared with the suffragettes not only a passion for promotion but also a national identity, did not want the differences between vorticism and suffragism elided.’
  • ‘If women were to be citizens, then women's education would have to become central to suffragism.’
  • ‘Indeed, Pankhurst now became as bellicose in her extreme patriotism as she had previously been in her suffragism.’