Definition of suffusion in English:



See suffuse

  • ‘Working with light hues, the artist generates the impression of his motifs melting into a suffusion of light and shade on the computer generated prints.’
  • ‘The tall spire of the Town Hall and its contrasting colours of azure and white stood majestically between a glorious suffusion of greenery.’
  • ‘It's all here: the suffusion of the scientific with the erotic, the fascination for catastrophe and mutation, the Burroughsian black humour, provocative notions about ‘creative cancer’ and ‘omnisexuality.’’
  • ‘The juvenal plumage is browner and much more uniform below, lacking the strong yellowish suffusion and streaked appearance below of juvenal-plumaged B. montis.’
  • ‘Blushing is a matter of the suffusion of blood through the skin of the face for goodness sake - there's a perfectly good explanation of what the process of blushing is - but why is he blushing?’