Definition of Sufi in English:



  • A Muslim ascetic and mystic.

    • ‘Muslims are now divided into Sunnis, several types of Shi'ites (including Ismaeli), and Sufis.’
    • ‘A few Sufis, Mystics and Muslim intelligentsia have come out with interpretations of some verses of the Quran supporting the evolution in life.’
    • ‘However the quotation has been very influential among some Muslims, particularly Sufis.’
    • ‘The folk epics and romances, Sikh sacred literature, and poetic compositions of the Sufis are all part of a literary tradition that continues today.’
    • ‘Islam has had a long and chequered history in Bengal, having first been introduced by Arab traders and then followed by Sufis and Muslim armies in the thirteenth century.’
    • ‘Some trace it to the mathematical discoveries of the Greeks at the time of Pythagoras, others to the Sufis and Islamic mystics.’
    • ‘The rest of the writings are of Hindu Bhaktas and Muslim Sufis.’
    • ‘In a desire to atone, Halevi returns to Gaza to join Muslim Sufis in dance.’
    • ‘The Jews have Hasidim and various mystical traditions, the Muslims have their Sufis.’
    • ‘True Salafis, for example, are as committed to their understanding of Islam as the Sufis are to theirs.’
    • ‘It would be natural to infer from the steady association of Sufis with Islamic state formation that Muslim empires had a pronounced religious dimension.’
    • ‘Among his 1300 disciples were people from all walks of life; rulers, judges, historians, Sufis, poets, and scholars of Qur'an, Hadith, and Fiqh.’
    • ‘The Sufis substantiate their view from the above mentioned Hadith of Sayyidna Ali, Radi-Allahu anhu, and other narrations.’
    • ‘The spread of Islam in most of south India, in contrast to much of the north was not accompanied by Muslim political expansion, being instead mainly the result of the peaceful missionary efforts of Sufis and traders.’
    • ‘The thirteen Sufis whose poems have been included in this slim volume are not only authentic representatives of that era, they are among the brightest lights of the Islamic mystic tradition.’
    • ‘I think there is a lot we can learn from the example of the true Sufis of the past, who never attacked followers of other religions, but, instead, worked to bring all people together in a spirit of love and service.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, January 11, 1938, he made his way to Basel and knocked at the door of the house where the group of Sufis met.’
    abstainer, recluse, hermit, solitary, anchorite, anchoress, desert saint, celibate, puritan, nun, monk


Mid 17th century from Arabic ṣūfī, perhaps from ṣūf ‘wool’ (referring to the woollen garment worn).