Definition of sug in English:


intransitive verbintransitive verb sugs, intransitive verb sugging, intransitive verb sugged

[no object] informal
  • Sell or attempt to sell a product under the guise of conducting market research.

    • ‘a market researcher claims the firm is sugging’
    • ‘This practice, along with continued ‘sugging’ and ‘frugging,’ accelerates the tend, as Democratic pollster Mark Melman observed in a 1996 interview with John Nielson broadcast on National Public Radio's ‘All Things Considered.’’
    • ‘I was a victim of sugging the other day when a foreign call centre gave me every impression it was conducting market research about attitudes to tax.’
    • ‘It's not just unethical practices like "push-polling" and "sugging" that influence survey respondents.’





1980s acronym from sell under the guise.