Definition of sugar beet in English:

sugar beet

Pronunciation /ˈSHo͝oɡər ˌbēt/ /ˈʃʊɡər ˌbit/


  • Beet of a variety from which sugar is extracted. It provides an important alternative sugar source to cane, and the pulp that remains after processing is used as feed for livestock.

    • ‘The potatoes and sugar beet, so important in this part of the world, look particularly well this year.’
    • ‘A number of Wexford farmers are considering the possibility of utilising sugar beet as an alternative energy source.’
    • ‘Why, for example, is there a federal programme to support the growing of sugar cane in Louisiana and sugar beet in the Midwest at prices higher than the free market world price?’
    • ‘Sucrose is found in many plants and is refined from sugar cane and sugar beet for commercial usage.’
    • ‘On an energy basis 4.0 kg sugar beet or potatoes or 4.5kg fodder beet can replace 1kg barley.’
    • ‘He produces sugar beet, salad onions, dwarf beans, barley and wheat, and integrated farming practice is at the centre of the business's thinking.’
    • ‘Mr Meikle farms 130 hectares devoted to sugar beet, salad onions, dwarf beans, barley and wheat.’
    • ‘Agriculture includes livestock-rearing, viticulture, and crops such as cereals, sugar beet, and potatoes.’
    • ‘We have a good climate for potatoes and sugar beet.’
    • ‘Winter and spring cereals, potatoes and sugar beet are grown, while cattle graze old pastures and hay is made on ancient hay meadows.’
    • ‘Corn is now being moved to mills, straw for winter bedding from farm to farm and soon potatoes and sugar beet will be making their way from farm to factory.’
    • ‘The area produces cereals, sugar beet, vegetables and animal fodder and supports intensive pig and poultry farms.’
    • ‘The main agricultural exports are wheat, potatoes, sugar beet, hops, fruit and pigs.’
    • ‘Teagasc figures show that sugar beet cannot be grown in Ireland at the reduced beet price contained in the reform proposals of 27.40 per tonne.’
    • ‘This would collapse the price of sugar beet and devastate the income of beet growers.’
    • ‘While different beet cultivars such as beet root, mangold and fodder beet have been used as vegetables or for animal feeding for a long time, sugar beet is a relatively young crop.’
    • ‘Part I covers agronomic crops including grain crops, nut, bean, and oil crops, cotton, and sugar beet.’
    • ‘These concentrations were used for analysis of ADP-glucose pyrophsphorylase in potato and for sucrose phosphate synthase in sugar beet.’
    • ‘To relate this to current practice a tractor and trailer combination today with a load of sugar beet or barley would have a gross weight of over 20 tonnes.’
    • ‘Farmers are beginning to worry about some recently-sown crops, like sugar beet, which need a spot of rain to make the seeds dig themselves in, before mice get them.’


sugar beet

/ˈSHo͝oɡər ˌbēt/ /ˈʃʊɡər ˌbit/