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sugar daddy

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  • A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors.

    • ‘Now I just need to find myself a rich sugar daddy to pay off that and the rest of my debt for me, and I'm all set.’
    • ‘‘He's not much of a sugar daddy for such a young girl,’ I remarked over our dinners.’
    • ‘If Sophie was hoping to hook a rich sugar daddy, this was the place.’
    • ‘In response to Sandy's questions, Jordan said she preferred a toy boy to a sugar daddy, Eastenders to Coronation Street and a shower to a bath.’
    • ‘Now Theresa had to hold a press conference and announce that her highest profile case ever came from just that - a young woman lying to get back at her adulterous sugar daddy.’
    • ‘Assuming you don't have a rich uncle or a generous sugar daddy to fund your projects, a sensible alternative is the desktop studio.’
    • ‘My sister and her fiancé and Dolly and her sugar daddy have been a foursome on endless expensive double dates.’
    • ‘In Double Honeymoon, Muhlbach embarks on a rather stupid affair with an unstable young woman, a talentless artist with only her exquisite looks to rely on, perhaps not a prostitute but definitely looking for a sugar daddy.’
    • ‘In those days a geisha could take lovers but her crucial aim was to secure a ‘danna’ or patron - a sugar daddy - who could keep her in her exclusive lifestyle of private cars, expensive coiffures and kimonos for every occasion.’
    • ‘This is the harsh reality: the sugar daddy is no longer there.’
    • ‘The Hamster Cage, in which Pope plays a nubile nymphomaniac, eager to please her sugar daddy at a strained family reunion, is one of the more talked-about entries at this year's World Film Festival, and with good reason.’
    • ‘She travelled the world, putting herself in dangerous situations: fleeing Cambodia only as it fell to the Khmer Rouge; literally advertising in a newspaper for a sugar daddy; becoming a prostitute in Japan.’
    • ‘I do believe in punishment, but I don't believe in destroying her life for a very minor part in a drug conspiracy that she was involved in with her sugar daddy who was twice her age.’
    • ‘The stripper Rose Zelle Rowland did even better by marrying her sugar daddy, the Belgian financier Baron d' Empain, who owned the Egyptian railway system, among other things.’
    • ‘Thankfully, Brian was my sugar daddy for the night.’
    • ‘He's old enough to be her father, she's the uber-ambitious actress climbing the social ladder by marrying a sugar daddy… the list goes on.’
    • ‘The paramedic said he'd look for a sugar daddy for me.’
    • ‘Who wants to be my sugar daddy, so I can leave this job and go to school again?’
    • ‘Have you found the sugar daddy of your dreams yet?’
    • ‘At first things were going fine, but Cindy had lost both her job and her sugar daddy and now had started asking for more money.’
    partner, lover, significant other, young man, man, escort, suitor, wooer, admirer, follower, beau


sugar daddy

/ˈSHo͝oɡər ˌdadē/ /ˈʃʊɡər ˌdædi/