Definition of sugar rush in English:

sugar rush

(also sugar high)


  • A sudden and brief burst of energy supposedly experienced after the consumption of food or drink with a high sugar content.

    ‘the sugar rush helps me write’
    • ‘While this might give you an initial sugar rush, eventually you'll be stuffed so full you can't help but get a stomachache.’
    • ‘You can get a little bit of sugar rush, but it won't weigh you down and make you want to take a nap.’
    • ‘After the massive sugar rush came the crash, and I was knackered by about midnight.’
    • ‘Sudden energy bursts with candy or sweets will only give you a sugar rush for 10–15 minutes.’
    • ‘Pizza's full of carbs, so it will give you that initial sugar rush that sees you fall into a slump shortly after.’
    • ‘The team were grinning like toddlers on a sugar rush.’
    • ‘Sweet treats for that necessary morale-boosting sugar rush are chocolate fudge cake, strawberry pavlova, and blackberry and apple crumble.’
    • ‘A little post-workout sugar rush can speed up recovery, promote muscle growth, and restore glycogen stores.’
    • ‘This level of energy proved to be more than just a donut-induced sugar rush as the action never ceased.’
    • ‘She received her sugar rush sipping on a milkshake and trying the signature banana split sundae.’