Definition of suicidally in English:



See suicidal

‘As an unknown teenager, he was cast by Robert Redford opposite Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore in the role of Conrad, a suicidally depressed young man - the Academy loves mental illness.’
  • ‘But not all chillies are suicidally hot and beginners are advised to start with milder varieties, like Anaheim or Fresno, that produce a tangy, glowing sensation in the mouth.’
  • ‘Now, usually, people with rational views of the world are able to prevent policy from degenerating into such suicidally savage behavior.’
  • ‘I told him I was suicidally depressed and he told me about Japanese who had survived in appalling conditions in island fortresses during WWII.’
  • ‘The Pied Piper is as good as he word: he plays a few shrill notes, and every rat dives suicidally into the River Weser.’



/ˌso͞oəˈsīdlē/ /ˌsuəˈsaɪdli/