Definition of suicide barrier in English:

suicide barrier


  • A fence-like structure or horizontal net attached to a bridge, tower, or other tall building to prevent suicide attempts.

    ‘officials approved $5 million in federal funding to design a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge’
    • ‘Last fall, transportation officials approved $5 million in federal funding to design a suicide barrier on the bridge.’
    • ‘The conclusion is inescapable: A suicide barrier would prevent deaths.’
    • ‘The spring 2006 issue of Forefront shows three options for a suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge.’
    • ‘Unlike in past attempts, the bridge directors decided that a suicide barrier does not need to be foolproof.’
    • ‘The Prince Edward Viaduct (known to most of us as the Bloor Viaduct) is outfitted with an extraordinary suicide barrier.’
    • ‘Opponents argue that a suicide barrier's unsightly railings, nets, or some combination thereof would mar the beauty of an Art Deco design marvel.’
    • ‘Just this fall, California officials voted, after years of debate, to build a $40 million suicide barrier at the Golden Gate Bridge.’
    • ‘For their team project, the students developed three conceptual design alternatives for a suicide barrier for San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.’
    • ‘Continuing on the Toronto theme, Real Live Theatre presents its collective creation, The Luminous Veil, which takes its name from the controversial suicide barrier installed on the Bloor viaduct.’
    • ‘Why is it, do you think, that the Bridge District Board of Directors refuse to put up a suicide barrier?’
    • ‘The Engineering Challenge: A suicide barrier must be effective and safe.’
    • ‘The cost of the suicide barrier is unknown, but estimates range from $15 million to $25 million.’
    • ‘The Marin County doctor was proud of building a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, revamping record keeping, and pushing for a central morgue.’
    • ‘What if someone who believed in the importance of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge was also a person who understood the aesthetic prerequisites that must be satisfied to make it a reality?’
    • ‘The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District voted last year to proceed with a two-year, $2 million study of a suicide barrier using non-district funds, with $1.6 already committed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.’
    • ‘"I can guarantee you that a suicide barrier would have stopped me," he said, "and I would have been taken to a hospital and given help."’
    • ‘Various public health officials have been agitating for at least seven years to have suicide barriers erected on the bridge.’
    • ‘The faster they put up suicide barriers around that span the better.’
    • ‘And yes, it'll probably be somewhat less beautiful with suicide barriers.’
    • ‘I've gotten totally sucked into "Lethal Beauty" - a series of stories from the San Francisco Chronicle about the suicides of the Golden Gate Bridge and the unending controversy over whether suicide barriers should be erected.’