Definition of suint in English:



  • A natural greasy substance in sheep's wool.

    ‘To eliminate the suint, the wool is put into a concentrated soda bath, and it comes out of it entirely clean.’
    • ‘This utilization of wool grease and suint is mainly practised in France, Belgium, and Germany, and in these countries this is done chiefly to prevent the pollution of the streams.’
    • ‘It is further seen that the amounts of wool-fat and suint are considerably less in the slipe wools; this is only to be expected, for in the washing of the skins these matters are removed.’
    • ‘A rapid method for estimation of suint is now available, which should be useful in the identification of sheep resistant to fleece rot.’
    • ‘When the erector muscle contracts, the outer coat hairs stand up to trap the air and cause pressure on the sebaceous gland releasing the suint.’



/ˈso͞oənt/ /ˈsuənt/ /swint/ /swɪnt/


Late 18th century from French, from suer ‘sweat’.