Definition of suitably in English:



  • 1In a way that is right or appropriate for a particular purpose or situation.

    ‘dress suitably for the hot weather’
    ‘the post is open to suitably qualified applicants from all over the world’
    • ‘He went to classes smartly dressed in a shirt and tie, and upbraided his fellow pupils for not being suitably attired.’
    • ‘They had trained troops specifically for war in the mountains and they were suitably equipped.’
    • ‘The club requires all its coaches to attend Football Association training courses to ensure they are suitably qualified for working with children.’
    • ‘For greater convenience a mirror is usually installed, which reflects the image the right way up onto a suitably placed drawing surface.’
    • ‘A meandering labyrinth of cool white space forms a suitably neutral canvas for the carefully orchestrated display of designer objects.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a degree that is expected or appropriate in the circumstances.
      ‘the judges were suitably impressed’
      ‘I looked suitably horrified’
      • ‘All laughed, and Terry had the good grace to look suitably embarrassed.’
      • ‘"It's about a mission to the sun," he says with suitably boyish enthusiasm.’
      • ‘She is suitably horrified when her childhood friend turns up on her doorstep looking to relive old times - and borrow a bit of cash.’
      • ‘The cast look suitably traumatized as body after body appears via ever more imaginative death scenes.’
      • ‘The hijacking scenes are suitably terrifying, as Jack, a journalist on holiday with his family, is unable to protect his wife and two daughters when all hell breaks loose.’