Definition of sulcus in English:



  • A groove or furrow, especially one on the surface of the brain.

    • ‘Common findings on brain imaging include enlarged ventricles, widened cortical sulci, and cerebral, cerebellar, or brain stem atrophy.’
    • ‘Cortical tubers, or benign potato-like growths, appear along the gyri and sulci in the brain.’
    • ‘Conversion of the obturator sulcus into a bony foramen has been reported.’
    • ‘The central sulcus of the insula runs in an upwards and backwards direction, almost parallel to the cerebral central sulcus that delimits the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe.’
    • ‘A second computed tomographic scan showed effacement of the temporal sulci and gyri, which was believed to be secondary to cerebral edema.’
    wrinkle, line, crease, crinkle, crow's foot, cleft, indentation, corrugation


Mid 17th century from Latin, ‘furrow, wrinkle’.