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(mainly British sulphide)
  • A binary compound of sulfur with another element or group.

    ‘Most pure metals, when freshly cut to expose a new surface, are lustrous, but most lose this luster quickly by combining with oxygen, carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide to form oxides, carbonates or sulfides.’
    • ‘DOCs include all compounds of carbon except for its oxides, sulphides and metal carbonates if they are identifiable by chemical name.’
    • ‘The technique can identify iron-bearing phases (such as oxides, silicates, sulfides, sulfates, and carbonates), as well as the amount of iron in each phase and the presence of iron in various oxidation states.’
    • ‘These groups are the silicate minerals, carbonate minerals, oxides, sulfides, and halides.’
    • ‘These pollutants include ozone, sulphides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and sulphur oxides.’
    • ‘Flasks and bottles full of nitrates and sulphides and chlorates and acetone, labelled in English and Arabic, lay on dirty tables.’
    • ‘The Podolia ash beds consist largely of clay minerals accompanied by a variety of primary volcanogenic crystals and secondary sulphides, sulphates, oxides, carbonates, and silicates.’
    • ‘However, only a small fraction (roughly 3 per cent on average) of the crustal abundance of most minerals exists in non-silicate form, as oxides, sulphides, or carbonates.’
    • ‘Although an amino acid acceptor of sulphide is necessary for sulphate assimilation, only little attention was paid to the regulation of S assimilation by carbon metabolites.’
    • ‘During primary sulphate assimilation in chloroplasts, sulphate is reduced via sulphite to the organic sulphide which is used for cysteine biosynthesis.’
    • ‘Similarly, metallic iron and many other metals, alloys, oxides, sulfides and other compounds containing iron and a number of other transition metals can be magnetized.’
    • ‘In situations where large amounts of sulfides are being oxidized in this way, an enormous amount of acidity is associated with the sulfate product.’
    • ‘Most metals are so readily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen that they are only found naturally as oxides, sulfides or salts.’
    • ‘By anaerobic bacterial action, sulphates are reduced to sulphides and organic material is broken down, ultimately to yield carbon dioxide and methane.’
    • ‘One is a copper sulfate assemblage, which is generally associated with copper carbonates, cuprite, sulfides, boltwoodite, and metazeunerite.’
    • ‘The solids used include natural clays and minerals, metal oxides and sulfides, metal salts, and mixed metal oxides.’
    • ‘These metals occurs in the earth in the form of sulfides, such as copper sulfide, lead sulfide, and zinc sulfide (ZnS).’
    • ‘In this paper, we show that the opaline silica and amorphous sulphides are precipitating mainly on filamentous microbes and biofilms, which form templates for both the metal-rich sinter and the suspended flocs.’
    • ‘The latter mineral, a sulphide of iron, has a shiny metallic lustre and was often mistaken for gold itself: it is the infamous fool's gold.’
    • ‘Also, the inevitable non-metallic inclusions, i.e. oxides, silicates, sulphides, are broken up, some deformed, and distributed throughout the steel in a more uniform manner.’



/ˈsəlfīd/ /ˈsəlfaɪd/