Definition of sulfone in English:


(British sulphone)

Pronunciation /ˈsəlfōn/ /ˈsəlfoʊn/


  • An organic compound containing a sulfonyl group linking two organic groups.

    • ‘Isolatable, water soluble, and hydrolytically stable active sulfones of poly (ethylene glycol) and related polymers for modification of surfaces and molecules’
    • ‘People went from worshipping snakes or the sun god, or trying to get bitten by a cobra, to giving chaulmoogra oil by rubbing, orally, or by injection, and then from using sulphones to multidrug therapy.’
    • ‘A number of different sulphones that had activity in experimental animals were also investigated but were never widely used in treatment.’
    • ‘Sulfonamides and sulfones, two classes of infection-fighting drugs; there are many different medications in these categories, but usually they have ‘sulf,’ ‘sulfa,’ or ‘sulfo’ in their names’
    • ‘In Table 2 of our article, we list gluten-free diet as the first treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis and indicate that sulfones are beneficial for the skin lesions only.’


Late 19th century from German Sulfon, from Sulfur (see sulfur).



/ˈsəlfōn/ /ˈsəlfoʊn/