Definition of sulfurated in English:



(British sulphurated)
  • Impregnated or treated with sulfur.

    ‘the cider is put into sulfurated barrels’
    • ‘The presence of sulfurated compounds in crude oil and heavy fractions is also undesirable.’
    • ‘A well burst suddenly and released a high concentration of natural gas and sulfurated hydrogen.’
    • ‘Only two of the confirmed fatalities were workers employed at the Chuandongbei gas field where a blow out had released a 30-metre geyser of concentrated sulfurated hydrogen.’
    • ‘Channeling, caused by sintering during sulfidation, made the flow path of the reactant change and thus pure ZnO sorbent and the sorbent containing 3 wt% Fe2O did not sulfurate completely.’
    • ‘Since the fatty acids decay vulcanizing efficiency by reacting with a sulfurating agent leading to a decrease in zinc complex, this enhancement may attribute to the conversion of the fatty acids into zinc soap through the reaction with ZnO.’



/ˈsəlf(y)əˌrādᵻd/ /ˈsəlf(j)əˌreɪdᵻd/