Definition of sulfureous in English:



(mainly British sulphureous)
  • Of, like, or containing sulfur.

    ‘According to Hugh Murray, in his biography Dr Evelyn's York, he left London shrouded in ‘a pea soup fog, characteristic of the capital city with its myriads of sulphureous and coal-burning fires.’’
    • ‘Queen Victoria loved the sulfureous saline water so much she gave the town a royal prefix.’
    • ‘View a former old coffee plantation in the Canada del Infierno and the sulfureous springs of the Bayate river.’
    • ‘As the thunder of the guns finally subsided, thick clouds of sulfureous gunsmoke drifted away to reveal a ghastly scene of carnage.’
    • ‘In that very autumn Angelo Gennari began the sulphureous bath therapy, carrying the thermal waters in big vats to one of his hotels located in the castle square.’
    • ‘Known since 1800 as one of the most sulphureous waters in Europe, these thermal waters are still considered to be one of the most efficient.’
    • ‘You can find different kinds of water like magnesic, ferruginous and sulfureous water or water containing sodium chloride and iodide and arsenic sodium iodide.’
    • ‘Once emitted into the atmosphere, these sulphureous gases produce acid deposits into the environment around the volcano.’
    • ‘Sulfur burners heat soil sulfur to create sulfureous acid which ‘fizzes off’ bicarbonates similar to sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘Peasants living near the crater said they had smelled a sulphureous odour for at least an hour after the meteorite struck and that it had provoked upset stomachs and headaches.’
    • ‘The beneficial properties of the sulphureous springs which could weaken muscle and articular diseases and skin illnesses, were already well-known by the 5th century B.C.’
    • ‘Various manufacturing and processing operations require the usage of high-purity sulfureous mixtures and compounds.’
    • ‘The new tanks won't allow sulfureous fumes to vent into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘It has four springs of sulfureous water in large caves in the cliffs.’
    • ‘Coming from the port on the right, at the foot of what remains of Faraglione Piccolo, is the great pool, a reservoir brimming with water and sulphureous muds.’
    • ‘The sulphureous mud-baths are particularly effective in the treatment of rheumatic diseases; arthrosis, muscular rheumatism and post-traumatic effects.’
    • ‘But in heavy rain an overflow valve under the river siphoned untreated waste, including sulfureous waste, directly into the waterway.’
    • ‘This substance is composed of a hot sulphureous earth, and a watery essence, in such a way that the sages have called it imperfect sulphur.’
    • ‘Sulphur percentage is in the interval 0.2-0.4%, which is lower than in fuel oils of type 5 (for low sulphureous oils the percentage is less than 0.4%, in normal sulphureous oils lower than 2.5%).’
    • ‘On the seashore, near the spa called ‘Sulfurea’, there is a swimming pool with sulphureous waters containing bromine, sodium chloride and sodium iodide: a pleasant immersion, together with some natural aesthetical treatments, can eliminate the tiredness accumulated during a year of work.’



/səlˈfyo͝orēəs/ /səlˈfjʊriəs/


Early 16th century from Latin sulphureus (from sulfur) + -ous.