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See sulky

‘‘It's getting adversarial now,’ he declared sulkily, ‘you're trying to twist my words.’’
  • ‘Dundee were then one of Scotland's leading club sides but when the final whistle went the wee Rangers remained jubilantly on the field while the Dens Park stars trudged silently and sulkily to the dressing room.’
  • ‘‘I'm not signing this, it's preposterous, he's an adult,’ my husband says, hurling the papers sulkily across the room.’
  • ‘And so the riot would continue for another forty minutes, when as if on cue, the students would slowly and sulkily slope off to tend to their wounds and collect stones for the next day.’
  • ‘Presented with the most sublime, savage and overpowering rock performances of all time, the British slouched sulkily back to their houses.’



/ˈsəlkəlē/ /ˈsəlkəli/