Definition of sulpha in English:


(also sulfa)


mass noun, usually as modifier
  • The sulphonamide family of drugs.

    ‘a succession of life-saving sulpha drugs’
    • ‘Patients who have aspirin-sensitive asthma, or allergic reactions to aspirin or other arthritis medicines or certain sulfa drugs called sulfonamides, or who are in their third trimester of pregnancy should not take Celebrex.’
    • ‘Overuse of antibiotics and sulfa drugs can produce a deficiency and this results in weakness, poor appetite, hair loss, depression, a sore tongue and eczema.’
    • ‘Children survived as a result of a combined effect of sulfa drugs, vaccinations for whooping cough and measles, antibiotics, and corticosteroids.’
    • ‘In addition to beta lactam testing performed on bulk tankers, two national testing programs are in place for testing non-beta lactam drugs such as tetracyclines, sulfa drugs and chloramphenicol.’
    • ‘Medical breakthroughs, including sulfa drugs, penicillin, and quinine, were also a consequence of the war.’
    • ‘Molecular methods have been developed to monitor these mutations in the field isolates so as to evaluate the efficacy of sulpha drugs to treat malaria.’
    • ‘Multiple studies have not supported the concern for neonatal kernicterus from sulfa drug administration in the third trimester.’
    • ‘Penicillin was not yet available, but his mother gave him sulfa drugs, which saved his life.’
    • ‘‘Neither sulpha drugs nor antibiotics had been discovered,’ she says.’
    • ‘The Center for Science in the Public Interest reports that 38 percent of milk samples in 10 cities were contaminated with sulfa drugs and other antibiotics.’
    • ‘After much prodding, he related that he had been taking a combination of penicillin and sulfa antibiotics, which he had purchased without a prescription ‘in the fish medication aisle’ of a local pet store.’
    • ‘Avoid sulfa antibiotics and be aware of oral contraceptives, both of which may induce flares.’
    • ‘The development of the sulpha drugs and more potent antibiotics provided a wider range of effective drugs against these diseases.’
    • ‘Keynes' health had been failing for years whilst an eccentric doctor he called ‘the Ogre’ kept his heart going with a regimen of sulpha drugs and bed rest with ice bags on his chest.’
    • ‘The sulpha drugs discovered a few years later probably would have saved his life and therefore would have greatly changed the development of combinatorial group theory.’
    • ‘When the plague raised its head again in 1944, it was smothered with DDT and sulfa drugs, therapies brought to Senegal as a result of the American military presence at the end of World War II.’
    • ‘Although it contains sulfur, the structure of sulfur is different from that of sulfites and sulfa drugs, which have been shown to cause allergic reactions.’
    • ‘During World War II, scientists using sulfa drugs were able to produce cures of plague.’
    • ‘It is also a bactericidal agent among other antimicrobial agents, such as penicillin, sulfa, and tetracycline.’
    • ‘For Type 2 patients, the number of orally active antidiabetic agents has increased from one class of agents (the sulfonylureas - sulfa drugs) to the current total of four classes of agents.’


1940s abbreviation (see sulpha-).