Definition of sulphurated in English:


(also sulfurated)


  • Impregnated or treated with sulphur.

    ‘the cider is put into sulphurated barrels’
    • ‘It was the sulphurated hydrogen that made this accident so fatal.’
    • ‘A well burst suddenly, releasing a high concentration of sulfurated hydrogen into the air.’
    • ‘It is an amino-acid that can be synthetized from sulphurated amino-acids: methionine and cysteine.’
    • ‘In numerous places thick clouds of vapor burst from the ground, with a strong smell of sulphurated water.’
    • ‘BioSan Vita Flax has been fortified with sulphurated protein, making it an all-in-one formula!’
    • ‘She theorized that supplying the essential fatty acids in combination with sulphurated proteins could restore health.’
    • ‘Liver of sulphur is sulphurated potash mostly consists of potassium polysulphides.’
    • ‘Sulphur is found primarily in sulphurated amino acids, and thus mostly in protein.’
    • ‘Glycovit is a dietary supplement containing vitamins, minerals and sulphurated amino acids.’
    • ‘Chinese President Hu Jintao has ordered the local authorities to do everything possible to speed up the search and rescue operation and prevent poisonous sulphurated hydrogen gas from spreading.’
    • ‘These sources discovered by the Visigoths, of a sulphurated, sodic and chlorinated composition, are particularly recommended for the treatment of the rheumatologic and respiratory disorders.’
    • ‘The production of sulphurated hydrogen and indole, together with the possible mobility of the aerobic micro-organisms in question, were inferred using the SIM medium.’
    • ‘Burning buildings can produce carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic and sulphurated compounds.’
    • ‘It produces copper concentrates by means of floating sulphurated mineral, and copper cathodes using a lixiviation process of oxidised mineral.’