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‘The Muslim settlers didn't just bring their religion and architecture, however - they also brought their political system, establishing a series of sultanates in the southern Philippines.’
  • ‘In many respects the government has allowed the northern sultanates to apply their own laws in their dominions, and in return the leaders of these ministates lend their support to national governmental structures.’
  • ‘A domino effect might also claim oil-rich sultanates such as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, taking out another 15 per cent of those reserves.’
  • ‘As you can see on this map, the southern and eastern fringes of the Arabian Peninsula are ringed by a series of emirates and sultanates.’
  • ‘An independent sultanate before the Dutch takeover in the 1870s and a leader in Indonesia's independence struggle in the 1940s, Aceh was promised autonomy when Indonesia declared independence in 1945.’



/ˈsəltnˌāt/ /ˈsəltnˌeɪt/