Definition of sulu in English:


nounplural noun sulus

  • A length of cotton or other light fabric wrapped about the body as a sarong, worn from the waist by men and full-length by women from the Melanesian Islands.

    ‘I had flown 16 hours and more than 8,000 miles from New York, and I thought that I had landed in the '60s, everywhere there were smiling men and women clad in colorful sulus, sporting Afros, and exchanging a robust ‘Bula!’’
    • ‘Traditional Fijian clothing for men is a native kilt called a sulu.’
    • ‘A senior man beats a log drum to summon the village to afternoon prayer; women in ‘Mother Hubbard’ dresses and men in sulu wraps file into the stone Methodist church and Sweet Jesus hymns waft out.’
    • ‘Finiki, 68, is barefoot and wears a bright orange sulu, an orange tropical shirt, and a straw hat.’
    • ‘Heading into court in traditional Fijian sulu skirt, Speight looked calmly confident.’



/ˈso͞olo͞o/ /ˈsulu/