Definition of sumi-e in English:



  • Japanese ink painting using sumi.

    ‘The corresponding Grey Flow resembles the product of an artist gifted in the fluid brushwork of sumi-e.’
    • ‘How else to explain his keeping all his ducks in a row and still producing magnificent watercolors and sumi-e paintings?’
    • ‘He is the only foreign member of the Gendai Suiboku-ga Kyokai, an honorary association of artists working exclusively on sumi-e.’
    • ‘On his desk was the untouched sumi-e stuff: an ink stick, a grinding stone, a seal, fascinating to me and my sister; and the brushes, which lived in the pencil jar.’
    • ‘Simplicity is the most outstanding characteristic of sumi-e.’



/ˈso͞omē e/ /ˈsumi ɛ/


From sumi + Japanese e ‘painting’.